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It’s sometime in the near future, let’s say 2021, in a racially divided East Coast city like Baltimore, Maryland where the never ending news is bad news, global warming has become impossible to ignore, and undocumented immigrants are being rounded up by ethnic group and deported in mass. In a modern, updated Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner style, Irwin, a first- generation Jamaican-American art student at a West Coast college, brings home Tiffany, né Jeong Lee, a DACA recipient, to meet his mother, Althea, and grandfather, Hopeton for the first time. Irwin shocks his family and best childhood friend, Jacob, by revealing a life-altering decision amidst the cultural and familial discord that arises from the clash of everyone’s differing ideologies and beliefs. And just when we think the family drama is resolved, the government intrudes on the family. Will anyone be left to figure out next steps in a cold new America where even its naturalized citizens’ “desirability” is being interrogated?

Flamenco Dress


Bienvenidos! Welcome to the fall of 1986 in Santa Fe, New Mexico aka “Land of Enchantment.” Tina’s and Lewis’s senior year begins in the Santa Fe High School auditorium at the traditional morning assembly, which in this case, doubles as a memorial service for Tina’s “perfect” sister, Adela who died in a drunk driving incident on prom night three months before. Tina finds a new friend in Lewis, whose beloved mother has recently passed away and whose father, Mr. Karenga, the new principal of the school, has escaped to New Mexico for a “fresh start,” away from painful memories. Through a series of comedic and dramatic memory “snapshots,” we are taken on a journey through the stages of grief in two families, with a Flamenco musician serving as our tour guide. Tina begins hanging out with her sister’s ghost and escaping her grief and guilt through drugs, alcohol and juvenile humor. Meanwhile, Lewis becomes increasingly haunted by nightmares in which his mother begs him to take all his pain killers from a football injury in order to join her in the afterlife. The parents are of no help as they’re dealing with their own struggles. When both families leave the confining routine of home and school life and visit Chimayo, an ancient religious place known for its “sacred healing soil,” will they finally learn to move past their grief and heal? Or will the divisions between them push them apart forever?

Snowy Forest


When Alice, the mother of a teenage son who is finally restarting her career in her late 40s discovers she's unexpectedly pregnant, she is forced to analyze her troubled marriage, personal and professional needs, and well-being of herself and her family in racially divided times to make a difficult and life-altering decision.

Lover's Shadows


Accompanied by a Greek chorus who says what people are thinking without filter, Becky and Nelson, an interracial couple, tells their love story in this funny and sometimes painful romp through various parts of their relationship in a divided America where the social construct of race is a constant hindrance to love.

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One-Act Play

Steph is just your average teenage gamer until she finds herself not just playing her favorite game, but living inside it. She soon discovers that she's not alone, and forges an unlikely friendship with Steven, who's been stuck there for longer and has learned a few things about how this new world works. Their search for a way out forces them to face a slew of terrifying creatures from within the game, and perhaps more frighteningly, from real life. In fighting their personal demons and working together, they are able to free themselves from their nightmare.


One-Act Play

Grace, a troubled woman with a difficult past, and Christina, her childhood best friend guide us through four major periods of Grace's love life, which, though sometimes comedic as young love can be, ends in tragedy.

Image by Allie Smith


Short One-Act Play

Gabriel, a rebellious teenager finds himself in hot water as he faces kidnappers, family, and something altogether fishier in the bathroom; but the encounter just might give them all the release they need.


Ten-Minute Play

The stress of her mother's funeral brings on old cravings that Gabby just can't resist as she reflects on her younger self and her first rebellious addiction.

Man in the Mist
Image by Alysha Rosly


Ten-Minute Monologue

When Crystal is forced to move away from her best friend in high school, she desperately tries to keep in touch and stay sane through writing letters about her difficult life, only to meet with devastating news.


Ten-Minute Play

When two teenage girls, Veronica and Cindy find themselves locked up together in a youth detention center, our assumptions about criminality based on stereotypes are challenged and we question who the real criminals are.

Image by Marco Chilese
Image by Bill Oxford


Ten-Minute Play

When an old girlfriend's scary sister pays him a visit, mobster Mickey learns that revenge can be carried out in unorthodox ways in this film noir cocktail with a twist of feminist.


Ten-Minute Play

When a college softball recruiter performs a typical home visit to woo a talented athlete's parents in hopes of signing their daughter, she meets with more than she bargained for in the alcoholic Andersons, the likes of whom would give Martha and George of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? a run for their money.

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab


Ten-Minute Play

When two high school sweethearts, Diane and Travis find themselves forced together again at their adult childrens' wedding, latent and inconvenient feelings are stirred up.


Ten-Minute Play

When Jem, a popular blogger decides to escape both their engagement and Online presence, they realize the pink wall that surrounds Los Angeles was not only built to keep the tired, the weary and the poor OUT, but to keep the popular people IN.

Brick House


Ten-Minute Play

When a hard-working teacher and single mother is given the opportunity to renew her "contract," she is horrified to realize that her negotiation with Angelica for more time on earth may have unlivable consequences.


Ten-Minute Play

When Jen and Amy, two middle-aged high school friends get together back home on Christmas break, it quickly becomes clear why they haven't kept in touch over the years. Their focus on an old dispute begs the question: if we can't resolve disagreements amongst good friends, how can we possibly come together as a country?

Image by u j e s h
Slice of Grapefruit


Ten-Minute Play

When Andy and Nikki meet on an Online dating app, they soon realize that the "profile" doesn't always match the real person inside.


Ten-Minute Play 
1980s Period Piece

Full of teenage angst, Samantha joins her father on a road trip to see the space shuttle land in White Sands, New Mexico. Though the landing doesn't happen, the trip lands a deeper connection between father and daughter that they will both remember.

Image by Aron Visuals
Moving Boxes


Ten-Minute Play

When a new mother crashes into her friend's house due to lack of sleep and an unhelpful husband, a realization hits that changes their relationship forever.


Ten-Minute Play

When an Army lieutenant and her boyfriend return to her childhood home for her brother's memorial service, ghosts from her past shatter her present.

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